21 Days of Hell by Nthepo Ranape

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21 Days of Hell by Nthepo Ranape

Raised in a religious home by her preacher grandmother, Nthepo had all the makings for success. Intelligent, sweet and beautiful, the young girl had a bright future ahead.

Steeped in rich African culture and spiritualism, Nthepo was no stranger to supernatural occurrences, even at a young age. After all, she had a calling to fulfill and until she accepted the calling of her ancestors, life would be fraught with tragedy.

Nobody knew about Nthepo’s calling and when unfortunate events derailed her carefully laid plans time and again, she had to fight through them, often alone. Her ongoing struggle with headaches and visions only made matters worse, but no doctor or traditional healer could find a cause, nor a long-term cure.

Nthepo was strong. She fought with everything in her, through many life-threatening events, and the losses of loved ones who were pillars of strength to her. She tasted immense success, too, thanks to her undeniable survival instincts.

Love, loss, fear, success, betrayal, hope, and disappointment were the only constants in Nthepo’s life.

It all culminated into the final 21 Days of Hell, which saw Nthepo brought to her knees.
Travel this journey with her as Nthepo chronicles her immense life-story of hope and let her inspire you with her words of wisdom.

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