An Eye For Love by Zanele Njapha

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Amanda Elizabeth Nene is a successful young lawyer who thought she had her whole life figured out until she meet her prince charming, Damien. A tall, charming,green-eyed gazelle who turned heads when he waltzed into any room. Surely he couldn’t be interested in a plain Jane like her? Either way, she was besotted beyond her wildest dreams. His emerald eyes seemed to draw her into his elusive world of unspoken promises.

Contrary to popular belief, prince charming caused her life to turn on its head. She was forced to confront her past, question her values and face the grim-reaper head on. Her relationship with Damien causes even her bond with her mother and childhood best friend, April, to be put to the test. Through it all, they laugh together, cry together and try to exist without chipping nails.

Amanda goes on a roller-coaster ride of discovery and unspeakable growth in a short space of time, all in the name of sweet love. This growth comes through facing her fears and confronting them by walking boldly into an unknown future.

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