Giving Birth To My Father by Lorna M. Ntuli

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Giving Birth To My Father is a hearty memoir about self-discovery, forgiveness and a daughter’s burning desire to meet the man who had brought her to life and then vanished. It is a story of a child’s love. A healing of a bruised innocence.

It is a tale about one man’s fortune as his abandoned unfinished business ungrudgingly tracks him down with a wish for just a single father-daughter moment.

Told in the form of one girl-child’s journey, it spotlights some of the vulnerabilities that often result when fathers don’t honour their responsibilities to their children. It also paints the picture for the magnitude of responsibility that comes with being a single mother, which so many women are carrying so triumphantly.

Amidst the ever-so-common fatherlessness of many households, this book also seeks to celebrate the unsung heroes – the awesome hardworking fathers who value their position and those who step-in in various forms and somehow manage to give a positive representation for ‘fatherhood’ when the biologicals walk away.

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