Her Heart by Tumelo Moleleki

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Destiny has a way of bringing people together…
Tseko was looking at the portrait intently. It vividly captured the personalities of the being depicted there: a pretty white girl, white girl, whose hair was held by a beautiful black woman, and a man confidence who was facing away. She admired the hands, whose brush gave it color and life.
The man in the picture was her brother, Moatli, the master of the house, a man she barely knew because she he was eleven years older than her and he was sent abroad for his studies so she rarely saw him. The woman holding the hair hair of a white woman was his wife, Elesteha. She lived within the vicinity of the farm but not in her brother’s house and she wondered why. The pretty white woman on the foreground was Nell, who interestingly shared some of Tseko’s physical traits. In fact, there was a striking resemblance between them. The only difference was the color of their skin although for a Mosotho woman Tseko was fair by standards- the color coffee.
She lived in the servants quarters with Dira a girl whom she had an unusual affection to. She was there and Dira had been staying there all her life. Her facial features were familiar. She somehow saw it in her brother and herself .
Each one was connected to the other. And as the mystery of this family unraveled, their lives abruptly changed with each pieces of revelation that tore their hearts.
But with each tear shed, the bond between them strengthened.

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