Holding My Breath by Ace Moloi

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Dear Mama,
It is me, your broken son.
Although the earth’s sorrows dimmed your light from us, I trust heaven has bestowed upon you the glory and dignity you deserve. You and I last spoke in February 2005, five days before you passed away. When you succumbed to your illness – which remains a mystery to this day – I was a mere 13-year-old who not only had to adjust to a new school, but also get used to the reality that you would never live to tell intriguing tales of your childhood. A decade has since passed and as I write you this note I have only heard from you once. You appeared in a dream to reprimand us for the culture of begging which we had adopted shortly after we laid you to your final rest.
This is how Ace Moloi starts his book, a letter to his deceased mother. This book, this letter, is an important and necessary look at the state of our country 21 years into our democracy. It is the story of constantly holding your breath, hoping nothing else goes wrong.

It’s been more than a decade since losing his single mother, and Ace Moloi has tried in vain to wish away some persistent questions about grief and healing. Finally, in this intimate, emotional and yet brave letter to his mother he draws strength to confront the suspended trauma of his childhood. What’s more he is kind enough to invite all of us to eavesdrop on this necessary conversation.

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