Igugu Lami (My Most Precious) by Gugu Mobadi

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A naughty game of teasing with a stranger in a night club sets Gugu Mbengwa on an adrenalin rush of note.
While out to celebrate her birthday with her boyfriend Themba Sithole, Gugu is mesmerised, intrigued and haunted by this stranger’s eyes. A daring move to attain his phone number leads to a heated kiss with the stranger in the dark. Could this be merely the works of the vodka flowing in her veins or is this the catalyst of what could be the biggest mistake of her life.
“ I think we are about to change each other’s lives” he says with such authority.
I smile and pull my sweaty hand away.
“ I feel it too.” I say softly under my breath as I walk away from him and back into the club to sit on my man’s lap.
A choice that will not only test her character, values and morals but ultimately her “truth”

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