#IPrayINeverDieBroke: Mind Power By Nkosi James Moremoholo

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Mind Power By Nkosi James Moremoholo


Solve your problems by becoming rich. Sacrifice what you are for what you can become. Our backgrounds and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become. “Nkosi James Moremoholo”

What’s keeping you from GREATNESS?

Author Nkosi James Moremoholo encourages you to empower yourself by overcoming personal shortcomings and obstacles on your way to achieving wealth. He guides you on a journey to discover your purpose in life…and cautions you on how your inner thoughts can either help or hinder your progress.

But it’s not all about you. Moremoholo also stresses the importance of giving back as he explains how money enables you to help the less fortunate. Richness doesn’t only refer to monetary accumulation; it also means achieving harmony with others and a positive mental attitude.

Not being broke may benefit you personally, but it also helps society as a whole. Entrepreneurship, therefore, comes with responsibility. You must learn to create jobs, help the underprivileged, and—as Moremoholo suggests—change the world.

Don’t settle for ordinary. Harness your thoughts and achieve greatness today!

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