Lion Of Soweto by Lookman Laneon

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Sheline, a beautiful newly married lady, leaves for Johannesburg where she hopes to pick a degree in Journalism. Bandele, a wealthy Soweto bully set his eyes on her to be the next romantic target.

During a break, she returns home to Bulawayo where she is laced with a sexual locking formula by her self-doubting husband, Moyo. He says it’s to prevent his wife from being stolen away from him.

Bandele will not look away, he asks his aids to swoop on her, even if they have to use softer, more gentlemanly approach, quite against their usual brash and predatory methods.

She proves difficult for him, despite his fame and power. He turns a new leaf and becomes a regular church-goer, hoping to entice the lady. But he doesn’t know that he is treading in the shadow of death. Will Bandele fall for the trap set hundreds of kilometres away?.

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