Message To A Blackman in Africa By Vukulu Sizwe Maphindani

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The second edition of the Message to a Blackman in Africa is an expansion of the first edition which was written A few years ago. This is a doctrine of the African social revolution; it defies conventional thinking with an open argument that prods the gallantry of an African mind that has suffered the injustices of colonial victimisation, indoctrination, dehumanisation and a psychological low-class alienation because the author believes that Africans; like all other races, are psychologically adept and ideologically fit to play a major role in issues of human civilization like they did back then during the dark age and before colonialism with the introduction of the Tablet writing systems, Astrology, architecture, Mathematics, fishing, building structures, early scientific education, steel, Coins, letters, Jewelleries and many things that later engrossed western countries to tour into Africa for various reasons, which ended up with some western felons developing enough jealous, ferocity and hate to rape the continent Africa by colonizing it. The book focuses in the re-education of black people to love, care, protect and honour their blackness as the system of dehumanization indoctrinated them much that today they kill each other and

contribute unconsciously to self-destruction and in the most common sense, these teachings can be related to Steve Biko’s Black consciousness principles.

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