MisChief by A.A.K Masson

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An African Fairy Tale….perhaps! This is one of those stories that has you giggling and gasping while sipping your wine on a lazy Sunday afternoon – wondering if this is how politics functions in Africa and other parts of the world.

In 2019, Pierre Troudoux lives a life of luxury in Paris until one day, all the money is gone. He is told that his father, who has been nominated for President by the ruling ANC, wants him to resume his life as his son, Mandla Mwane in South Africa and that unless he complies, he will never see another cent from his family. Unfortunately his parents are killed when the airplane they are flying in, explodes. This puts Mandla in the ‘hot-seat’ with no clue about what he is doing. Thus follows a tale of bribery, blackmail, under-the-table dealing and debauchery with poor Mandla trying sobriety and a moral lifestyle for the first time in years. And all while trying to find the millions stolen from his family by Boris, the accountant.

This is such a refreshing story, moving from one event to the next in an easily readable style. One simply has to laugh at Mandla’s adventure (or cry for the poor soul) and yet, at the same time, think about South Africa’s current political situation. Short chapters with enticing titles make this a page-turner. The dialogue is superb. It is easy to relate to Mandla, the hapless soul who has seemingly done nothing to deserve the situation he has found himself in, apart from the fact that he has never worked a day in his life.

For anyone who wants a giggle with a dose of ‘could this be how it is?’, this is a must read. Highly entertaining work from a multi-talented author.

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