Nqaba: Grief and Hope by ‘Thulani Yeyeye’ Gumede

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Where is God When Babies Get Their Wings?

We have all asked the question: Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?

In this prolific expression by Thulani ‘Yeyeye’ Gumede, the author recalls his spiritual journey in the aftermath of losing his six-month old son, Nqaba, to cot death.

When little Nqaba earned his wings, his parents were understandably devastated. Devoted Christians, this tragic loss saw Thulani and Nompilo, his wife, give up on God after wrestling with the hard questions of life: Why did we have to lose our child? Why not me instead?

In this heartfelt account, Thulani expresses the emotional upheavals that he experienced with no holds barred as he digs into the deep and dirty pain and suffering. He admits to the fact that he stopped praying and reading the Bible. He confesses about how he started hating God. He even shares the extremely personal, emotionally-charged letter that he wrote to God, Creator of heaven and earth, questioning the reason for loss, hurt and pain, and purpose of life.

How does it all unfold? Does God answer his questions? Does Thulani return to God? This gut-wrenching account uncovers more than just a story; it bares the very soul of a person who has lost his most precious gift – his son, his heart, his soul – after only six short months.

This must-read book, Nqaba: Grief and Hope, is written mainly for those who have lost their loved ones, but it is also a helpful book for those who do not know how to deal with loved ones who are grieving.

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