Plumeria By Zanele Dlamini

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Plumeria By Zanele Dlamini

Ntokozo: Startup business woman, loses her voice after losing her mother and boyfriend at the same time. In search for her voice, she finds more that she anticipated…

Pinky :
Upon realizing that Law is her real passion, pregnant and her boyfriend has proposed. What choise does she have when she’s not the fiancé?

All it takes is to see someone else cry to open yourself up to help. As a mother to a toddler, wife to a corporate attorney, beautiful house, fancy Mercedes and a stunning Cartier ring she’s fighting the voice of unhappiness. Her door to happiness means choosing between herself and her son, what kind of woman choose the former.

Three women make their New Year resolutions, o find who they are. The universe conspires and gives them what they want, are they ready to embrace the transformation.

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