The Pregnant Mind Of An Orphan by Pimelo Ngidi

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Predominantly, orphans are victims of poverty. As a result, others commit crime , prostitution and commit suicide. As a domino effect many die early or become useless in life. A became an orphan at the age of 14, my first year in high school. I was a celebrity of poverty. As such, I have realised that EVERYONE IS AN ORPHAN; whether or not they have parents. See, entertaining your favourable background to become an excuse for your failure is a sign of being an orphan. How many times have you done that?


This Book is for people who have dreams but have no money or emotional support. When it seems to be more difficult, remember that the 8th month of a pregnancy is mote tedious and scary, do not be misled! You are close. I Had No Reason To Dream, No One Was Successful Or A Graduate At Home, But I Chose To Have A Dream In The Midst Of Predicaments.