Thorn In My Flesh by Londi Sutic

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Flaws are a reminder that we are human….

Nomonde has always been the Perfect Wife until the lack of trust in her husbands abilities sees her opening the door to a permanent thorn in her flesh.

Nomonde’s imperfections thorn’d her more than she had bargained for and poised a constant reminder of her decisions.
Now living with the repercussions of the actions taken during a point of weakness, this leaves her to deal with betrayal, a scandalous life and a lot of pain and misery.
This is a story of a woman who has achieved success in her career, however her marriage is tainted by obstacles and challenges.
She goes through a lot of turmoil and loses everything before she discovers the simple truth of life’s beauty.

An emotionally charged and touching story of a woman named Nomonde Mkhize.

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