Through A Black Iris by Alick Chingapi

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Through A Black Iris by Alick Chingapi

Following the Cairo to Cape Town route in a quest to see more of my continent, my motherland, I use public transport from City of Pharaohs in Egypt to Cape Town and back up through the mountains in Lesotho back home to Zimbabwe.

Encountering questionable immigration officers, hospitable individuals in Uganda to skeletons on the Skeleton Coast in Namibia, I go in search of what it means to be African. As an African would I enjoy the same hospitality afforded to white and foreign travelers as I made my way through my continent? Along the way, engaging in conversations with tourists, volunteers, local doctors, protesting students, I try to gain insight into the history, politics, economics and atmosphere in each country.
I recall my return to my motherland as Zimbabwe comes to grips with a crumbling economy and the people finally begin to stir and protest and seek a better life.

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