Venom by Desmond Mthe Shabalala

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Venom by Desmond Mthe Shabalala

Cracks are cracks. Even though hidden deep, they can still cause a collapse of any structure. When Tumi arrives on the scene, Nelson and Nelisa’s relationship already has deep underlying cracks that kept running deeper.

Even though in their minds they were a perfect happy couple. Deep down they were already collapsing slowly. Tumi’s arrival gave them the push they needed to get to get to where they were heading faster. Even if Tumi didn’t arrive , it could have easily been anyone else who did the job for them.

Yes Tumi disrespected and undermined Nelson by what he did with his wife. Nelson also has his own ghost to deal with. Had he focused on his wife’s needs, Nelisa wouldnt have been tempted when meeting Tumi again.

Yes, Tumi could easily be blamed since he is a player and for disrespecting Nelson in ho home. But Nelson also needs to man up and take responsibility for his short comings.

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