#What’sYourProblem? – A Man’s Perspective 2

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In #What’sYourProblem? – A Man’s Perspective 2 – Sipho Mbele rattles the comfort cage as he tackles issues known to many yet often swept under the carpet. This, is a book written with a woman in mind yet it also talks volumes to men. As an author, he lays no claim at having answers to all problems faced by lovers in their respective journeys, he rather extends a hand to say ‘hey, hey! Here are issues on the table, can you face them, relate and get talking.’

What makes his voice come out louder and clearer above all other voices that write on similar subjects is how he does not shy away from exposing his own flaws just to get the message across. By so doing, he earns himself the confidence of his readers to feel comfortable to relate to his human side and at the same time, get encouragement in knowing that ‘change’ is possible.

Despite its neatly packed and written chapters in a toned down language to accommodate people from all walks of life, the book appeals to the eye and the mind as it holds a promise just as you pick it up and by looking at its title ‘a male perspective.’ In not so many words it says, for that long standing desire to tap into a man’s mind just to understand how this peculiar yet lovable being is wired, I am here, as a man myself, to give you more than a sneak preview. True to that, who can best give an honest view to a man more than a man!

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