Why Men Cheat & Women Do It Better by Lunga Ntuli

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Lunga Ntuli takes us through the dreaded reality if cheating in relationships. The myths and common beliefs around this topic are looked at in detail and you’re likely to end up seeing most of them with a different eye. With a rich sports background , Ntuli could not help but include a clever use of the “player” analogy in helping the reader look at various reasons as to why cheating occurs in relationships.

These are some of the chapters found in this book:
The golden Myths about cheating
Twelve reasons why men cheat
Six reasons why you are cheated on
The Four reasons on why women cheat
Eight reasons why women do it better
Ten mistakes you should avoid in relationships
Fifteen tricks used by people who are cheating

So when you see those “signs of cheating” and don’t know what to make of them, this could be the book to refer to. Also find out which is which when a guy thinks he is “using” the girl, while she thinks she is “using him”

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